Singapura: The Sinapore Zoo

Last weekend I was able to go to Singapore with some friends. It was awesome, really, for a number of reasons. For one thing, it was the first time that I was able to go out of the country with friends. Two, I was able to go there partly with my own money (I wanted to pay for most of it, but in the end I simply couldn’t afford it especially since stuff is expensive in Singapore. Thank youuuu parents!) And third, because Singapore is awesome, and Universal Studios completely blew me away.

I don’t have my US pictures yet, because they are still with Ysabel in her laptop. We went there on Friday, and then the day after that, we went to the Singapore Zoo.

It’s an amazing place. It’s about twice the size of Universal, so you can just imagine how tired Ysabel I were already to begin with, and how utterly exhausted we were afterwards. But that’s alright, because we were able to see a polar bear, and in the end that was all worth it!

They'll always be my favorites. Did you know that their hair is actually clear, and not white? Also, Polar Bears are left handed. :)

I’d post the video of the bear, but WordPress is weird and/or I haven’t figured all of this out yet. But yeah, the zoo was pretty awesome. There were

monkeys and
birds and
more monkeys and
huge alligators and
those adorable monkeys with the long noses and
really shy pygmy hippos and

more and more monkeys!

So if you’re headed to Singapore any time in the near future, make sure to make the zoo one of your stops. It’s a pretty amazing place, especially if you’re used to Zoos having all the same animals. Check their website for directions on how to get there, as well as prices and show times and dates. Remember, if you don’t go…

angry bird will judge you.


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