Floyd Mayweather Can’t Say The Name “Pacquiao”

And I don’t mean that in a metaphorical way, I meant that in a literal way. If you haven’t already heard about it, Floyd Mayweather made a whole bucketful of racist comments about Manny Pacquiao recently. Apparently, after he kicks “Poochi-yaw’s” “midget ass,” he will make Mayweather “a sushi roll and make some more rice.” Here’s the video:

He’s a lovely man, now ain’t he?

Apparently, the reason why he is a much better fighter than Pacquiao (oh wait I’m sorry, “Poochi-yaw”) is because Pacquiao is short, because Pacquiao has lost a couple fights in the past, and because Mayweather makes more money than him. Hmm. After watching the video, all I can see is a whole lotta lip without any action. Such a big guy and all he can do is call Pacquiao names on the other side of the world? All he lacks now is a pigtails and a huge, round sucker.

All this video has proven to me is that Floyd Mayweather is a coward and all he cares about is money. And he refers to himself in the third person. Wtf? (That part is in the longer video. Click here.) Sure he apologized in the end, but methinks it’s a little bit too late for him. The only way that he can ever be redeemed from this shameless flaunting of buffoonery is to actually fight Pacquiao. BUT WAIT. He still doesn’t want to. I wonder why. Stop being such a little girl Mr. Mayweather and let us see some action!


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