Universal Studios Singapore

Finally got around to getting my photos from Universal Studios online! I keep saying over and over but that place really did wow me so much. Here are a few photos from the day.

Here we are! Yaaaaay
These were really, really helpful!
Is it just me, or does Charlie Chaplin look kind of psycho-killer looking in this photo?
Steven Spielberg’s special effects! Look at that lighting. It really looks like sunset!
Lunch at the Discovery Food Court in Jurassic Park!

I’m such a sucker for attention to detail! That’s what really makes Universal stand out. Suspension of disbelief does not need to go far in a place like this that gives you as real an experience as you possibly can. :)

It was so great, I hope you all get to go there the next time you go to Singapore! It’s a day that you won’t forget :) Click here for the rest of the photos. :)


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  1. sheens Grewal – I absolutely adore your pogohtraphy skills! so different than other photographers! your touch of the colors, scenery, and locations brings a magical sense into the photographs you capture!! Enjoy looking at these pictures, your blog, and website. I was wondering how much would you charge for a graduation shoot? I graduate next year in May and I would love you to capture some moments =] please let me know James, thanks for your time!

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