Trailer Tuesdays Television Edition

It’s the middle of September and you know what that means: it’s time for all of our favorite TV shows once again. I myself have my own list of shows that I simply cannot wait for, some more than others. Episodes get released this week, so feast your eyes on these promos!

Gossip Girl, season 4

For some reason, all the promos that are on Youtube are terribly pixelated, but you get the gist anyway. The entire season 4 will be set in Paris, so can you imagine what the fashion will be like? Season 3 ended with Blair and Serena jetting off to Paris, Jenny getting sent off to boarding school, Dan is apparently a father (to Georgina’s kid no less!) and Chuck was left bleeding in some dark French alleyway. I couldn’t care less about Vanessa, because I hate her. While the majority of that season wasn’t all that great, it was definitely saved by that season ender.

How I Met Your Mother, season 6

Dear Old Ted,

I hope this season finally reveals who the freakin’ mother is, or else people are gonna stop caring how the hell you met their mother.

Love, Nikki

Let’s all admit it, we loved this show too much, once in the past. Season 5 sucked balls, but I’m too attached to stop watching, so come on season 6!

Big Bang Theory, season 4

Last season ended with a break up, but it seems like there aren’t really any other promos on what’s going to happen this season, except that it’s moving to Thursdays in the States, which means that it will be available to us here in the Philippines on Fridays. Season 3 was a constant good thing last season so I can’t wait for the new one!

Community, season 2

Betty White is so cute!!!! Hahahaha. I would have to say that Community kicked ass on its first season, and it ended on a controversial note when Jeff kissed Annie when there were two women who were fighting over him not a hundred feet away. So what happens now? I can’t wait!

Chuck, season 4

Season 3 ended on such an EXCITING note that I CANNOT WAIT for the new season. HENCE THE CAPS LOCK ABUSE. But yeah, you get my drift.

Castle, season 4

This is one of my top ones as well. If you have yet to start watching Castle, I recommend that you do because it is one of the best comedies around right now. It’s murder, but funny. Hahaha

So that’s it! I can’t wait. I’m going to be watching so many TV shows, when will I have time to do anything else?


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