There a few things that I abide by when it comes to friendships. My father always told me and my sister growing up: you can always walk away. Huwag pilitin. I apply this to a lot of things in my life, and friendship is one of them. We all know that we have to change through the phases of our life. We had different friends in kindergarten, in grade school, in high school and in college. Of course it’s very common for people to hold onto their high school friends for the rest of their lives, but as for me I knew that there were so many more people I was going to meet, so it’s okay if I lose contact with most, if not all of them.

There are some people that are meant to be short stories in our life. It doesn’t mean that they’re any less important, or beautiful, but they just weren’t meant to stay in your life forever. There are a few people these days that I really miss, what with work and different lives and all that. Of course there were promises never to forget one another and promises to always make time, but life has a way of taking us away from the things we thought we’d be doing and before you know it we have a completely different set of friends than we had two or three years ago.

I was talking with a friend a week or two ago, and I was telling her of my realization. I admired the way she would try to keep her friendships despite distance and being busy and even the other person being distant. She will get mad, she will care, she will basically feel things about her friendship slowly drifting apart. I on the other hand see a friendship drifting apart and think more along the lines of “awww that’s too bad,” and be sad about it, but accept it as a fact that we’re just simply drifting apart. It happens. Huwag pilitin.


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