Cos after all, if you admit you’re a freak then freak just got cooler

I have never been able to fully understand why some people find it so hard to admit some things. Too many people make running away from certain things a sport. One of the first things that my parents taught me as a child was to tell them if I had done something bad right away. So from the time that I was a kid, every time I did something that I know they would get mad at me for, I would suck it up and just do it.

“Mom I broke a glass.”

“Dad I lost my cellphone.”

“Ate Kris, I recorded over your tape of the Backstreet Boys.”

And each and every time, I realized that the anticipation of what would happen was ten times worse than how it felt when I finally admitted it to that person. Always, no fail, it was more of a relief than anything else. I think the dread that we feel when we know that we need to admit something to ourselves is what keeps us running away, but the truth is that dread is as bad as it is going to be. Sure you may have to face some punishments, but you face that punishment with a clear conscience, and when it’s done it’s done. You never have to think about it again.

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, especially when your screw ups get to the size of monuments. And that happens a lot in the ages of 17 and beyond I think. After all, “mom I’m not graduating on time” and “I lost the company 1 million pesos” is a lot harder to admit than “I broke a glass” and “I lost my cellphone.” But the more you do it, the easier it gets, and sure you may be leaving behind a whole national park full of monuments dedicated to the stupid things you’ve done in your life, but you never have to go back there again because you’re done with it.

The same goes for conflict management. I say, if you hear something bad that someone you’re friends with supposedly said about you, call them up and ask them about it. Of course this all depends on whether or not it is believable if that person would do that to you. If it’s believable, then that person need not be your friend anymore. If you trust that person and you care enough to find out the truth, call them up and ask them about it. Don’t stay in an angry cloud and wait for the person to notice before you even talk about the issue. There are so many things that could be solved if people just learned how to talk about things properly.

So I think that the key to living life like this is only doing things that you are willing to admit that you did. That way, you are held accountable for all the stupid crap that you do. If you can’t openly say in front of ten people, “yeah, that’s true” or “yeah, that was me” then you have no business doing what you’re doing. It’s time people learned a little bit of accountability.

Okay, I’m gonna get off my high horse that’s standing on a soap box and head to work now.


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