Teh, chill ka lang.

It’s not about choosing sides, it’s about doing what’s right and letting the government make the decisions that are theirs in the first place without emotional and religious blackmail. Threatening to excommunicate the president was just stupid. But you know what’s worse? People who think that the answer is to take out the church entirely. Hindi naman kelangan extremes diba? It’s not either/or. I’m not catholic but I recognize that catholicism is a big part of our heritage and like it or not it is a factor in who you are as a person and as a filipino, and you may not even realize it. Also, there are priests out there who are good, who have given their lives into the service of God and his people and nothing else.

I support the RH bill but I do recognize that it is not perfect, there are many things that are lacking from it. You cannot introduce a bill without recognizing that there are religious factors involved. The fact that the Philippines is predominantly catholic should still be considered, respeto lang din naman yun. Pero one of the factors lang yun, hindi dapat siya one and only deciding factor. I think the reason why there is so much debate going on is because people see it as taking sides, the church OR the RH bill.

Wanting to abolish the entire catholic church is just like blacklisting all Filipinos for what Rolando Mendoza did. Can’t you see that? Reform, not remove.


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