DVD Killed The TV Star?

Ang labo nung title.

I’ve been trying to write for a few days now but I just don’t know what to write about. I could just do the easy thing and blurt out some more personal stuff on here, which is pretty much how I’ve been blogging since I was about twelve years old. But the past couple of years has slowly turned me against being so freakin’ open to the Internet that I even shy away from sharing too much about my present life these days. It’s a whole jumble of mess that I won’t even bore you with.

So I decided to write about something that I love/obsesses over/care way too much about: TV shows. As some of you know, “some of you” meaning my friends whom I sometimes ditch because I want to go home and watch my shows, I’m pretty preoccupied by quite a number of TV shows, and am unhealthily obsessed with one (FRIENDS. Duh.) I never used to be like this you know. As a matter of fact, I hardly watched television when I was a kid. Sure there were the Nickelodeon shows that I grew to love, and the Sunday morning samurai series that was dubbed in Japanese that we’d wake up extra early for (No? Just me?) but most of the time I was outside, playing patintero with my friends and feeling like a bad ass on my BMX bike. I would have to say that my pattern of watching television drastically changed when I was around 4th year high school, and my family were all away, and one day as I was settling in in front of the TV with my dinner, I realized that I had already memorized the entire week’s schedule of Star World. I had a relationship with my TV and I didn’t even know it.

I’ve gone through a whole slew of them. There was this one time, in my Writing For Culture class, our professor told us to name our top five shows. I could choose. I was able to name fifteen. I watch 3x more shows than the average person my ages. How could I possibly pick just five?! Through the entire history of television?? C’mon, it’s impossible. My current shows these days alone are How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, The Big Bang Theory, Community, The Walking Dead, Lie To Me and Misfits.

Yes those are just my current shows and no you may not judge me.

You know what has become a popular topic for conversation? “Which How I Met Your Mother character are you?” Everyone has their own opinion of which one they are and which one their friends are, but as for me I think I may be a little bit of Lily and a little bit of Ted, which is unfortunate because they’re the two most annoying characters in the show for me (I’m sorry Allyson Hannigan I love you). The most surprising answer I’ve ever been given was that I was a Robin.


Is it the hating babies part or the career woman part?


Okay so I wouldn’t mind being that hot. Hahaha. But I guess I see the correlation. Wants to travel and live in many different parts of the world, won’t choose love over career, that sort of stuff. But I do love Robin, and I think she and Barney were awesome together (although it was really high time that they broke up) so I guess I’d accept anyone telling me that I’m more her than Lily. Yech. (Once again, I’m sorry. But really… c’mon.)

I love these shows, but sometimes I wish for the times that sitcoms were still being made with the utmost quality. For the time that sitcoms weren’t comprised of shows where the husband is fat and only remotely cute but he just so happens to have a hot wife. Where is Cheers and Frasier and FRIENDS? A lot of people are saying that the sitcom age is over, which makes me sad. Whatever happened to the simple joys of having people act out a scene in a single space where the bulk of the entertainment was taken from the comedic situation that was happening? Sigh. Television sure has changed.

Listen to me, talking like an old geezer. I’m sure I had a point somewhere in there, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it though. Oh well. At least it got me writing. Till next time, when there will be some sense to be made.


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