One in seven days will be dedicated to writing.

Last year it was my honor to be one of the hundreds of people who took on the 365 day challenge. I would have to say that… I kind of failed. Hahaha. I missed almost 100 days, and near the end of the year I was so swamped with so many things that I didn’t even bring my SLR around anymore and just kept my ancient, tiny point-and-shoot in my bag. not to mentioned I haven’t even posted my photos for the months of November and December up in the .com yet. But nonetheless, it was a project that did amazing things for my photography, which leads me to this new project that I am starting for 2011.

I’ve always loved to write, although my form of writing has always been in journals and blogs since I was approximately 6 years old (I got my first journal when I was in the first grade.) It’s quite ironic that I’m working as a writer now when writing has been the one art that I have never really pursued or taken seriously. Sure I’ve been told that I write well, but I know that I can never be as great as the writers that I look up to. And that’s fine with me. It’s not what I want to do anyway, and I would really much rather express myself through the form of a picture anyway. It’s easier for me and much more entertaining, I think.

But I do realize that in order for me to get better in one thing, I need to exercise the other as well. I cannot fully articulate how I feel about a certain photograph that I took if I haven’t been doing mental sit-ups and push-ups with my words and phrases. I simply cannot allow my daily habit of forming thoughts in 140 characters or less with Twitter rule the way I express myself. As much as I want to take pictures more this year (and, let’s face it, it’s not like I’m ever going to quit Twitter) I also want to improve my writing. Hence, the postaweek2011 project by WordPress that I have decided to join. I’m not going to kid myself and try to join the postaday2011 one, because I just know that I would fail that miserably.

So here it is. One post a week. And it all starts with this #1.


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