On Relating to the Crazy Fool

Do you remember that movie Wicker Park? The story revolves around two lovers, as most love stories go. Lisa, the beautiful heroine, is impossibly beautiful, sexy, and has a good heart. Easily hateable, but you actually find yourself liking her. Alex the antagonist, on the other hand, is mousy looking, has dreams that she is too afraid to realize, and falls in love with a man named Matthew that she knows is out of her league. Matthew sees Lisa from afar, and instantly falls in love with her incredible beauty, just as Alex was about to ask him out. Alex finds herself looking in from the outside on the love that she had hoped to have – literally, because her apartment’s windows faced Lisa’s directly. Alex then ends up doing the dumbest shit one can ever do when put in the situation of the underdog – sabotage, deceive, and have the overall inability to make the right decision.

But there’s one more main character in the story that shouldn’t be left out. There’s also Luke, who is in love with Alex and just so happens to be the best friend of the object of Alex’s undying and obsessive affections. Alex, who has turned into a beautiful, conniving and confident woman, purposely strings Luke along. Maybe it was because it was the closest she could get Matthew, maybe it was because somewhere in her path of coming-of-age, she forgot how to feel and care for other human beings. Maybe she was just lonely.

So you see, it isn’t exactly the simplest of plots. Imagine my irritation as more and more things popped up that didn’t make sense. In the end, when the Big Reveal let the audience in on the secret that all the confusion of the two years of such intense pain and heartbreak was all because of Alex, you’re pretty much ready to call it a day and declare it a happy ending. But then Alex delivers one line, a line that isn’t very extraordinary in itself, but is rather poignant nonetheless.

“Who’s to say that this woman (herself) hasn’t been in love with you for a really long time? And now that she found you again, she wasn’t about to let you go twice,” Alex said.

“What?” Matthew asked, a flicker of utter disbelief flashed across his face, followed by the dawning of understanding.

“Maybe, the first time she saw you, maybe she felt the same way the first time you saw Lisa. You remember that. Love makes you do crazy things. Insane things. Things in a millions years you’d never see yourself do. But there you are doing it, can’t help it.”

And really, who here hasn’t been an Alex at least once in their lives? Who here hasn’t done or felt at least one or two insane things for someone that they truly loved? Who hasn’t hurt at least one or two Lukes in the process of trying to get the one that we actually really want? Sure, sabotaging a relationship to the point that you create an entirely fake identity to cover it up is bordering on the insane, but really, who am I to say that I would never do that in a million years? I pride myself on being level headed and patient, but I’ve had my share of hissy fits and insane jealous rages in the past. Who’s to say, with the right circumstances, I don’t find myself erasing answering machine messages? And it’s not even a girl-hormone thing, guys are just as bad. I’ve heard stories of hiding out in bushes or watching them from afar in cars, or even watching their lives from afar and recording it in their own little sad diaries. It happens to the best of us. We’re all a little bit like Alex in the end.


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