Of Continuing Education

I’ve known for a while now that I definitely want to further my studies, more specifically studying photography in a further degree. There are so many schools out there, and each one has its own set of haters, so it’s not easy to just judge them according to what you read on the Internet. I’m thinking of making my way to some of the schools that I am seriously considering applying to (seeing as each application alone costs around $100, I need to be sure I’m not just wasting money) but before I can go ahead and start planning my visits, I still need to narrow down the list of the schools that I want to see. The problem is, every time I start on my long, crazy path of art/grad school hunting, my head ends up a jumble of acronyms and tuition fee amounts, so much so that I lose track of those that I actually really want. So here I am blogging about it, in hopes of making my life simpler.

Parsons The New School for Design (New York, NY)

Master of Fine Arts in
Photography. 7 terms. $1,235 per credit, 64 credits.  26 months. Individual vision is most encouraged and established in the students throughout the program. Student housing is very available. Let’s just say, if Parson’s accepts me, this list automatically becomes inconsequential. http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/

School of Visual Arts (New York, NY):

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography.$13,260 for Fall and Spring semesters. $9,945 for summer semesters, one-year program. http://www.schoolofvisualarts.edu/

VanArts / Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vancouver, Canada):

Digital Photography Diploma course. Includes classes in Photoshop and other post-processing, web development, and everything you need to start out your photography business. Upon graduation, you leave with portfolio, website, business plan, and Macbook pro. http://www.vanarts.com

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston, Massachusetts):

Master of Fine Arts in Photography. Said to have the best MFA program in Boston as well as the entire state of Massachusetts. Two-year program, $43,860 for the entire program ($21,930 per year for tuition) but it’s competitive and the applicants are usually people who have already built professional portfolios. http://www.massart.edu

College of Visual and Performing Arts – Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY):

Master of Fine Arts in Art Photography. Three-year program, total of 60 credits. $1,162 per credit, amounting to $69,720 for the entire three years ($23,240 per year for tuition) but there’s a possibility that the tuition is different for international students. http://www.syr.edu/

That’s it for now! I didn’t include a lot of the others I got interested in on the West Coast and I just included VanArts cos Canada is pretty near New York anyway and if I’m gonna be in the East Coast I might as well visit Canada too. Parang ang dali ‘no? Haha.


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