Trailer Tuesdays: Fall TV Edition

For countries that have more than two seasons (in the Philippines, our two seasons are “hot dayum I’m about to melt” and “oh my goodness our streets are getting flooded”) Fall means leaves changing color and the weather pointing itself towards Winter. For us (well, me) it means our favorite shows are starting new seasons and new shows are starting that I will potentially fall in love with or bash repeatedly and with abandon.

I was prompted to create a Trailer Tuesdays post because of Fox’s upcoming series entitled New Girl. It stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson (Ashton Kutcher’s best friend in “No Strings Attached”), Max Greenfield (Michael from “Greek” and Nick Pepper from “Ugly Betty”) and Damon Wayans, Jr. Wayans’ role is probably going to be re-cast, though, because his show Happy Endings has been renewed for another season. Too bad, I can’t resist the Wayans men and their own brand of humor. Yes, even “My Wife and Kids.”

Doesn’t that look like it’s going to awesome? I love Zooey Deschanel but it’s her chemistry and relationship with the guys that are making me excited to watch it because I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Another noteworthy thing is that the show’s writer is Liz Meriwether, the writer of “No Strings Attached,” which is a movie that also pleasantly surprised me with its unabashed cheesiness and how it worked despite (or because of) that.

Dramas/Sci-Fi/Shows that may possibly depress you

Terra Nova

Among the serious shows, this is the one that I am most excited to see. TIME TRAVEL? DINOSAURS? FUTURE EARTH? This one screams epic if it will be done right. Doesn’t it make you think Lost meets Jurassic Park? Besides, it’s produced by Steven Spielberg, so at the very least we’re set for some amazing imagery. It also premieres in the Fall but it has a special two-night preview event this May 23 and 24, 2011.


This looks incredibly depressing, and most probably will be along the lines of “Inception” insanity, but it’s Jason Isaacs. Who can resist that? I am also looking forward to seeing Wilmer Valderrama in a serious role.

Prime Suspect

A remake of a British show with the same name, this one shows Maria Bello being truly badass. Call me a sucker for female underdogs in male dominated industries, but I think this has potential to be great. Although I find it hard to think of how they’re going to extend this same plot line without it become contrived. Also, Kirk Acevedo (Charlie Francis from “Fringe”) seems to be a pretty big role so I’m really excited for that (because, really, he shouldn’t have been killed off from Fringe in the first place, alternate version or not.)


A different take on the Brothers Grimm tales where a man is a “Grimm” and he sees the monsters as they live in our world. Pretty interesting, but once again, I am curious to see how far they can take this series without it getting contrived.

Comedies/Rom-Coms/Probably what I will be watching most of the time


Let’s face it, we all love Amanda Peet, and Studio 60 should not have been cancelled. (And why does she look like she doesn’t age? At all?) I know the we-hate-each-other-cos-we’re-so-different plot has been done to death, but it’s gotta be better than the other crap comedies that have been coming out in the past decade, right?

Free Agents

Awww, I love Hank Azaria so much, and it’s good to see that he’s aged well. Also, it’s nice to See Kathryn Hahn finally getting a starring role. She’s always like the sister or the best friend and I think this role is a well deserved chance to shine as well as a change of pace.

The Finder

Actually a midseason show, anyone who saw episode 19 of season 6 of Bones was given a special treat: the first look at The Finder. Starring Geoff Stults, Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows. My dad told me when we were watching the episode that it was going to be a show of it’s own, and after finishing the episode and seeing the unmistakable chemistry of the three main characters, I became really excited for it to come out. It’s set to come out midseason in 2012.

The last two shows that I will feature scream GUILTY PLEASURE. It’s called Whitney and I Hate My Teenage Daughter, respectively, and they look like the kinds of shows that will probably be really bad, but I will watch them anyway.


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