Three Boroughs

My friend Aussy is a writer for and one of her assignments was to write about Mafia themed bars around the metro. She asked me to take photos for her and I gladly obliged, especially since I can never say no to jobs that take me to places that I will probably go to anyway.

First up was the newly opened Bugsy’s in Fort Bonifacio’s Burgos Circle. I always love going to the Fort because it’s such a pretty place, especially Burgos Circle.

Bugsy’s has an entertaining drink called Burn, Bugsy, Burn. It’s really stressful to drink, but it’s a must have for all first-timers to Bugsy’s.

After that we headed to Dillinger’s in Greenbelt. It had lovely interiors but it was hard to take proper photos of them because it was so dark and it was really full. The plus side was that it was Ladies Night and Aus and I were able to take advantage of the free flowing lychee martinis.

The last stop of the night was Capone’s in A.Venue. It was a slow night for Capone’s, but that didn’t stop us from trying out one of their more popular drink (although honestly I’ve forgotten what it’s called hahaha.)

Check out the article at :)


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