On The Dream

When I tell people that I want to be a photographer for a living, they always ask me what kind of photography I would want to do. I always give different answers, depending on what I feel like talking about at that time or what I think that person would believe the most. The truth is that one day, I would really like to become a photographer for National Geographic. I stopped telling people this little fact after one time, when I told someone about it, all I got was an, “ah, talaga?” (“oh, really?”) coupled along with what could only be humor in that person’s eyes. My dream was funny to that person, because it seemed like something that would never come true.

Sometimes, when I look through the photos that they have on NatGeo’s website, I find some of them that actually make my breath catch in my throat. Yeah, I know how unlikely it sounds: middle class girl from a third world country ends up shooting in the fear reaches of the globe. But you know what? It’s my dream, and I would rather die trying than sit here and never even try.

So in light of that, I would like to take a break from featuring my own stuff and show you some of the real great out there. My favorites from National Geographic photographers through time and from all over the world.

Raymond Gehman


William Alber Allard



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