The Isaacs

My family is not that big, especially when compared to a typical Fiipino family. One of the advantages of that, though, is that we have an easier time finding ourselves together in one space and actually being able to have conversations with everyone.

Last Saturday was one of those times. It was my Auntie Mhale’s birthday, so we convened, along with her side of the family (she’s my dad’s brother’s wife), to celebrate another year added in her life. We weren’t complete (my sister was in Singapore, ate Jan lives in the States now along with a few of our other relatives who have settled there) but it was still one of those nice quiet nights that remind me how much I appreciate my family.

Because we always all have coffee after dinner.

The birthday celebrant with her loving husband!

Mango Bravo from Conti’s, something that’s also become sort of a tradition

My mom and ate Hil, who’s about to pop any moment now!

Brothers! L-R: Derrick, Jet, Ace (their dad is a pilot haha)

Uncle Patoy is gangsta.

My cousins attacking the other cake

Why the long face uncle Patoy?

Cousins that look like brothers! Haha. I call that the Isaac Face

Leaving a space for their sister, Auntie Debbie, who lives in the States

Siblings with the birthday celebrant!


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