Trailers: Summer Movies Edition

Sure “summer” here means Summer in the US (in the Philippines, we’re actually well on our way with the rainy season by June) but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the really great movies that Hollywood churns out during this time of the year. Here are my top fifteen movie picks for this coming “summer” movie season!

#15 Horrible Bosses

The Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston team-up in The Switch wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, so though they’re not exactly in the same storyline here I’m still kind of excited to see this movie. Jen hasn’t had such a great track record with movies since FRIENDS ended (and I’m only being blindly loyal to her because of FRIENDS as well) but I’m still committed to trying to watch everything she comes out with. Besides, Kevin Spacey as a psycho boss and Colin Farrell as a balding bigot? That’s at least worth a shot. Haha.

#14 The Perfect Host

I’ve loved David Hyde Pierce since Frasier but he’s always played an awkward character, so I’m really excited to see him in this role. Also, that shot at 1:56 is marvelous.

#13 Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan, but I am definitely on Team Coco – especially since I really don’t find Jay Leno all that entertaining and I’ve always wondered why he’s got the real Late Show and Conan was treated in that way.

#12 Something Borrowed

Ginnifer Goodwin annoyed the hell out of me in He’s Just Not That Into You (what was up with that movie? Why were the women all freakin’ lunatics except for Jennifer Aniston? Sigh. I love you, Jen! #TeamAniston. But I digress.) But anyway, I think she has potention for starring in funny romantic comedies and such, so I’m giving this one a chance. Here’s to hoping that Kate Hudson is charming enough to make this not so disgusting. Also, it’s based on a book so I might try and reading it before I watch the movie. Although, more often than not that only ruins the movie for me.

#11 One Day

I’ve always liked Anne Hathaway, but her and her english accent look irritating in this. However, the plot of the movie plucked at my heartstrings because it hit very close to home. (And yes, I just mixed my metaphors right there, and not well may I add.) My love life is something a little bit like A Lot Like Love, and this seems more like a dramatic version of that. That accent though. Eeeshk

#10 Friends With Benefits

The only unfortunate thing about this movie is that it’s coming out in the wake of No Strings Attached, which was a success despite its overwhelming cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I liked No Strings Attached, but I think I might like Friends With Benefits a bit more because Mila Kunis is a lot more likable than Natalie Portman to me, and Justin Timberlake is a lot fresher in the arena of romantic comdies as opposed to Ashton’s singular way of portraying leading men.

#9 Flypaper

McDreamy in a movie where he’s not dashing and debonaire? Surely it’ll make any woman curious. Plus, it’s Ashley Judd and although I cannot remember the last time I went to a movie house and watched a movie of hers, I’ve always like her. It looks like it may try a little bit too hard to be funny though, but we’ll see.

#8 Bad Teacher

I’ve watched this trailer about 10 times already. I don’t know why, but I’m really entertained by it. It’s another Justin Timberlake movie, but I’m really curious to watch Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz. It’s a pairing that I wouldn’t have ever naturally put together, but they look like they have a chemistry and this could be a lot of fun. There’s an R-rated version of the trailer, but I actually think the censored version is funnier.

#7 Cowboys & Aliens

Okay, it’s called Cowboys & Aliens for crying out loud. However, it has Harrison Ford in it, even though he’s second billing to Daniel Craig, and man for whom I feel absolutely nothing. Also, it looks like Olivia Wilde will be playing a big part in it, so maybe her hotness will distract me from the fact that they’re a bunch of cowboys fighting aliens.

#6 Captain America: The First Avenger

I’ve been missing the superhero movies that came out this year. I have yet to watch Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, and even Green Hornet. But this one I really want to watch, mostly because, well, it’s Chris Evans. Haha. Also, it’s interesting to note that in the trailer one of the scientists goes “Now, Mr. Stark,” which probably means that Stark Sr. was part of the experiment? I still don’t have a handle on how all of these superheroes are connected but yeah, I think this one will definitely be good.

#5 30 Minutes Or Less

If I watch this, it’ll be the first movie of Jesse Eisenberg’s that I’ll watch after The Social Network. Now, a movie that accomplished such epic heights is hardly ever followed with a movie like this, but the trailer makes it look promising, if not a fun summer movie that will become a favorite in that genre. It’s directed by the same guy who directed Zombieland, which I also loved. Also, that song that the best friend (played by Aziz Ansari) is singing at the end is too funny. Ansari was also in Season 10 of Scrubs as one of the interns, and although that season was a stain in what was otherwise a really good running series, he was actually pretty funny in it. Also, it was just one clip, but is Rebecca Logan from Greek gonna be the one playing his sister?

Winner line:

“Is that real?”


“And your first thought was to come to a school filled with young children?!”

#4 The Art Of Getting By

Good job growing up, Freddie Highmore! In fairness, Emma Roberts has been doing artsy films or grown-up movies lately (see It’s Kind Of A Funny Story and Scream 4) which is a far cry from Nancy Drew. I thought she’d be doing the teeny-bopper movies for a longer period, but this looks like it’s the type of thing that you can relate to even if you’re not necessarily their age. Also, Michael Angarano from Sky High is looking foooine.

#3 Crazy Stupid Love

When Steve Carrell gets all serious like in this movie, I can’t help but be all “awww.” This one I am actually really excited for for a lot of reasons. First is the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pairing. I love, love, looooove Emma Stone. Like, I feel like we could be best friends. The “seriously?! You look like you’re photoshopped!” comment is so funny, and pretty much how I would react as well, which just further proves that she and I are meant to be, like, BFFs. Hahaha.

#2 Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks is one of those actors that I will never get tired of. I think he’s darling and that he’s brilliant, and that he’s a class act that will never be replaced. Then pair that with Julia Roberts, who is one woman who I will never get tired seeing on the big screen, and whom I would actually love to be for a day or two. The supporting cast looks pretty cute too, and I always love it when Wilmer Valderrama is in a hot guy role because he really is that hot.

#1 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

And of course, the film that we have been waiting for, the film that will officially end a stage in my entire generations childhood. Words cannot even express how I feel about this movie coming out, and how awesome the trailer looks, and how many times I’ve watched it, and how each time I still well up. It’s insane.


It’s the new trailer, so for those of you who haven’t watched it yet… HUHUHUHUHU.


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