The Four-Week Bum Experience

After graduation, I had taken a job that I didn’t really like because I felt the need to do something, anything, other than lying down all day. So, I ended up staying for almost a year in a job that I, quite honestly, had no interest in keeping. I’m not saying that it was the wrong decision; I met great people and experienced things that have enriched my life. However, working a job that you have learned to hate is exhausting, and I only did it for a year, what more those that have been in jobs they don’t want for decades? My month as a bum turned out to be a pretty good four weeks for me, because not only was I able to rest up for my next big adventure of a job, I got to shoot my life extensively too. You know, when I wasn’t sleeping or vegging in front of the TV.

It was great, but I’m also glad that I’m back on the workforce again.


2 thoughts on “The Four-Week Bum Experience

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  1. i miss you nikki. this reminded me of that time we were in high school, and we were chatting, and you said that i was too formal when we chat. you taught me how to blog. :)

    1. Aww I miss you too, Nico! I remember that, I think it was because you were making me feel like I was in a conference or something hahaha. I’m glad to know that I’ve helped you get along your way, but I’ve read how you write and you’ve had it in your the whole time. :)

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