This Is How We Do

I started working for Sindikato Productions around the end of April. It’s been fun, exhausting, crazy, and these pictures are hardly enough to capture everything that goes on in the hours and hours that we spend together inside and outside of our office walls.

I should really do a better job of documenting the behind the scenes goings on in Sindikato. Haha. I guess I should remember to bring my camera around more often.


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  1. I agree with you Dr Bassem, How will anything chnage or improve in the heath sector or any other sector if saudi students who study abroad decide to stay and never come back.I also think that your words about a bright future are absolutely correct, chnage is a reality and could be to the better. The problem is that some people only think about their future as individuals, they forget that they are living as part of a community.Why serve a community other than my own, my country,my people,my family? Why abandon the country that spent all this money in order for me to get this level of education? I admit that back home there are a lot of challenges, but if we give up and run away,how will our beloved country evolve??!!Another point i would like to comment on is that you are right about commitment to our scholarship program, its an agreement between two parties,us and our government, that in exchnage for them sponsoring our education we would return to apply our knowledge in our country, and i agree that not returning home is a breech to that agreement.Nice article Dr Bassem, and i add my voice to yours and say I would return home Thank you,

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