I’ve been quite delinquent in updating this blog, I know, but it’s for good reason. I took the month of August as a kind of “break” from my usual job here in my company and I’ve been directing some stuff for Pinasikat. As I said in my last entry, I will explain this to you guys soon, as soon as the website is finally up and running!

But anyway, I was shooting something for Pinasikat last August 17 at the NBC Tent in the Fort and it was when we discovered that it was actually the first day of ManilART, the international Philippine Art Fair.

So as soon as Dan and I were done shooting, we took our free tickets (thank you, Ina!) and headed to the convention to check out some of Manila’s established and new artists show of the best of their work.

Look at that! It’s Carina Santos AKA :)

I didn’t get very far in my painting lessons, but I’ve always been such a fan of people who can take mixed media and create such amazing imagery. I’m a photographer, and while I believe that photography is so much more than just clicking a button, I know that my camera makes it so much easier for me to create my art than painters and mixed media artists do. I have such mad respect for people who can take colors, textures, and emotion, and put them together and create such magic. If only I had some of the talent of some of the people here!

6 replies to “ManilART

    1. Thank you! Such kind words. :) To be honest, I learned by observing. I follow a lot of photographers online and it always struck me in the past how their photos were cohesive (and mine seemed more… a mess. Haha) I realized that it was because they tried to tell a story with each and every frame that they posted. So I’ve tried as much as possible to tell a story with each of my entries through each and every frame I post :)

    1. Heehee yeah I felt so cool na one of my friends was on display at the event. I saw your painting eh but I forgot to take a picture of it :(

      Thanks bebe!!! And I, forever a fan of everything you do. <3

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