Razorback at the Music Museum

Last Friday, I along with most of Sindikato (sans Jan who was on his way to Baler and Dan who was aready in Zambales) headed over to the Music Museum to cover the Razorback concert. There were quite a few things that made me happy about that night.

First of all, I haven’t had that many chances to watch Razorback, but I do remember that the few times that I did, I enjoyed myself immensely. So I was looking forward to enjoying a full length concert of theirs. Secondly, I haven’t had that many chances to go cover gigs lately, and because I still consider it my first love, I was very excited. Third, us indie gig photographers here in the Manila music scene don’t get very many opportunities to cover in places like the Music Museum where you have gorgeous lights, so I always take any chance I get.

And lastly, it’s not everyday that I hear the likes of Kevin Roy to tell me, “just go onto the stage if you want. Ako na bahala sa bouncers.”

Yup, that night was pretty much a gig photographer’s dream.


Basti Artadi, vocalist of Wolfgang, joins the band for a surprise song number. Man, you shoulda seen the crowd for that one. I’m lucky I didn’t get trampled. Oh wait, I was on stage. (Mehehehehe)


PhotobucketIt was a great night. We were all exhausted afterwards, but it’s nights like those that make me remember why sometimes all I wanna do is pack up my gear and hit the road, following around some band that I absolutely love.


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