Trailer Tuesdays: 2012 Movies Edition

It’s gonna be a good year for movies! Here’s my list of the various 2012 movies, from blockbusters to bad rom-coms that we know we’re all gonna watch anyway but keep it a secret from the world *ahemdearjohnahem*.

This is the link to the entire playlist of trailers in the list, but here are a few trailers to movies that I am especially excited for:

I’m not exactly a fanatic of the LOTR series. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for a 16 hour marathon of the movies as long as there’s good popcorn and I’m allowed to take shots every time the hobbits eat breakfast. Although, I’m definitely, definitely excited about this movie, mostly cos I’m so excited to see Martin Freeman in action. Hee!

I think this is gonna be Charlize Theron’s year. She’s always been kind of underrated I think. Never mind that Kirsten looks-like-she-wants-to-poop-in-her-pants Stewart has a starring role in the huntsman movie.

Because we’re all just going to watch this movie to see Harry Potter try to break out of his decade-long role. Personally, I’ve made it a goal to follow the careers of the top six HP characters.

This looks like it’s going to be amazing. :)

I love you, Channing. You’re both hot and funny.

Why am I excited for this? Because it looks RIDONKULOUSLY AWESOME.

Because I have vowed to follow and support this woman’s career no matter what.

Spy movies! And it’s funny!


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