Lighting with Daemon Becker – Studio Day 2

For day 2 of the studio shoot, we were tasked with bringing in, or emailing beforehand, lighting pegs that we were interested in learning about and trying to copy. At first I wanted to do something from my favorite, Annie Leibovitz, or something bigger than life and bursting with color like David LaChappelle. But there were seven students and only one teacher, so I went with something that required a little less production design and picked out a series of portraits by Martin Schoeller, more specifically this photo of Cate Blanchett:

Now if only I can get a model with eyes as captivating as hers and I’m all set.

Well, what I thought was a “simpler set-up” turned out to require no more less than seven lights. The entire time Daemon Becker was setting up the lights, and it took a while, I felt like shrinking into myself with shame. (Ah, whatever. It’s not every day I get to try out lighting like this!)

Here’s the final product with the two models that my classmates brought along, and Daemon himself (he was the test subject while we were setting up the lights)

We weren’t able to fully  capture it because a) we didn’t have the exact lights that we needed (kino flo) and b) Martin Schoeller shot his photos with a medium format camera. But I think we still did a good job. :)

Check out the rest of the photos shot on the lighting style pegs preferred by my classmates!


2 thoughts on “Lighting with Daemon Becker – Studio Day 2

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  1. Ang benta and nagulat ako sa photo ni Daemon. Haha. Congrats on finishing the workshop, babe! ARemember to thank Good Burgers when you’re famous!

    1. Ganun talaga yung gusto kong shot eh, CLOSE UP. :)) Thanks beb! I’ll make sure to credit them and your love for burgers when I accept my Pulitzer. Hahahahaha <3

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