Trent Jordan II

I was able to spend yesterday afternoon with my friend Reggie and her son, Trent. Trent’s my godson, but I don’t think you have to be his ninang to be able to see that he’s such a handsome, charming little boy. Not everyone can pull off that hairdo, but he does it!

I really love it when babies have food all over their faces. It’s the only age where it’s still cute!
He kept putting a specific chair into a specific area in the area. It’s so funny how toddlers do things like these and it seems to make so much sense to them.
Look at that smile!
Momma and his baby boy doing his “pacute” pose. Haha!

It’s amazing. I can’t believe just a short year ago, this boy was just a little lump that would quietly sit on my lap. Now he’s this little person who has a personality! Children are fascinating and exhausting, and my respect for good parents rises exponentially each and every day.


I have a new favorite dish from Cafe Med. It’s called Tapenade and it’s ridiculous easy to make and I can’t believe I’d never tried this before!


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