Hong Kong / Macau 2012

A few weeks back, my family and I took a trip to Macau and Hong Kong. I haven’t been to HK since I was 15 so I was really excited. We were only there for a day and a half, but seeing all my shopping bags strewn out on my bed when we got home, I think we were definitely able to make the most of it. I really wish Sasa was available in the Philippines. I would live in there.

We start off with a couple photos of the sky, because of course I can’t get on a plane and not take a whole bunch of photos.

When we got to HK, we took the S1 train out to Citygate where we did a whole lot of shopping. The discounts there are insaaaaane.

I’ve  never had Xiao Long Bao so when I saw it in the menu at the place we ate in in Citygate, I couldn’t resist! Too bad it wasn’t very good. :( I guess I still have yet to fulfill my Xiao Long Bao mission.

We stayed in this little hotel along Nathan Road. We got there early in the afternoon and we kind of passed out for a few hours because we all lacked sleep and had already spent a few hours shopping in Citygate. Stepping out of the hotel was such a sight, kind of like how people describe Times Square except with Chinese writing.

This place that my sister pointed us to had the best fried dumplings I’ve ever tried!

We got back to the room after an entire day of walking, shopping, and hardly any sleep. I think our state of mind clearly shows in the photo above.

The next day, we took the Jetstar out to Macau! It was a very pretty and comfortable boat, even though it was one of the older ones.


When we got to Macau, it was a smooth ride to the Venetian, our hotel for the next two nights and three days.

Macau’s architecture is so original and beautiful! The casinos are a big thing in their tourism industry, what with their being the number one reason that people visit Macau in the first place. In the shuttle on the way to the hotel, you’re taken on this great little tour of the hotels along the Cotai strip.

When we got to the Venetian, I couldn’t help but keep looking up! The details of that place is insaaaane. Every single nook and cranny was well thought out, and it gives it all a very authentic feel. I mean, as authentic as a hotel in Macau meant to look like a hotel in Venice can be.

Even my mom couldn’t help but look up!
At the very front of the Venetian’s main lobby. They have three lobbies! Or is it five?
We love jumping pictures :D
This was so intense, kind of like our MRT during rush hour!

Random fliers for call girls just strewn about in the street. Hahaha!
Our peg for the family photo is Classic Telenovella.

In the Venetian there’s a place called the Grand Canal Shoppes. It’s the area of the hotel that was made to look like Venice the most, such as the shops along a long river that people can ride gondolas in. It was actually quite beautiful, especially because twilight is my favorite time of day. And seeing as I hate the books and the movies of the same name, I recognize the irony.

St. Mark’s Square, the only area in the Grand Canal Shoppes where the sky changes light.

The next day, we decided to walk around the city and do some shopping and look for some egg tarts.

We walked around until we found the restaurant that my sister’s friend recommended to her. The drink the background is a mixture of tea and coffee, a signature drink of Macao. It was delicious! Although nothing will replace just good old coffee for me.

My dad and I say hello!
Opposite view from the top of the stairs at the ruins of St. Paul’s
The ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral. We were finally able to take a family photo thanks to a friendly fellow Filipino!

After the ruins we headed on over to the famous Macau tower. It’s the tallest height that anyone can bungee jump from in the world. I was looking forward to bungee jumping, something that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I saw someone do it in a TV show when I was around 7 or 8, but it was way too expensive. Also, my fear of heights resurfaced with a vengeance at the first sight of the see-through floors at the observation deck. Oh well, I will go back to Macau one day and I will conquer my stupid fear!

The twilight view from the observation deck of the Macau Tower

The Venetian had a special exhibit ongoing called the Fun Ice World.

And of course, we enjoyed the Venetian’s gondola rides before we left! Our gondolier’s (gondolieress’?) name was named Bambina, and she had the tiniest speaking voice but had the biggest operatic singing voice. She’s Chinese but she even knew the first half of Sharon Cuneta’s “Ikaw”!

The whole trip was amazing! It was also a great time for my whole family to bond, so that’s always worth every penny. :)


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