An Open Goodbye Letter To Globe Telecom

DISCLAIMER: August 6, 2014

Hey guys! In fairness sa inyo, binabasa niyo pa rin ‘to. Hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit. Hahaha! Anyway, as rib-tickling it is to read all your angry comments as if kayo personally ang inaaway ko at hindi Globe Telecom, at bilang kaarawan ko po bukas, comments will be disabled for the time being. Don’t worry, I’ll enable it again after the weekend! Alam ko na sobrang importante sa inyo na you have to have your opinion heard all the time, but I want to spend my birthday weekend in peace and away from any form of ka-jologan. YEAH, I SAID IT! Hahahaha. Thank you for the 20 thousand hits to the blog rant that I angrily wrote on my phone in just ten minutes! I suddenly feel so relevant!


I have come to accept that sarcasm is lost on the vast majority of the Internet, so yes, I’m being sarcastic.


I get it, I’m the one in the wrong here.

On the one hand, I have an unpaid bill of around 4.5k to Globe from a now inactive work line that has remained unpaid since October last year, certainly becoming a cause of concern for the company. On the other hand, I have been receiving early morning calls, threatening texts and emails, and threats of legal action… For a debt of less than five thousand pesos. I’ve already given the date, time, and place of where I would pay the bill. Parang ransom Lang. Yet I still get threats over and over again. I get it. I’m the one in the wrong here. But I wouldn’t be so annoyed about this if I had been getting stellar service from Globe in the last four years that I have been a postpaid subscriber. But no. We all know that stellar service is not in the nature of Globe, despite what their ludicrous awards say. So this is my open goodbye letter to you, Globe Telecom. I sure hope I can make it count.

I remember moving over to you from Smart in 4th yr high school cos you had the unlitxt promos first, and a boy I was dating bought me a SIM card. Alam no naman, masarap makitextmate sa crush mo. I figured, eh, I’ll spend less on credits. And all my friends are moving to Globe anyway! Well, I have certainly regretted that decision hundreds of times in the last few years.

So here. I’m gonna right my wrong today, and I’m gonna live out the rest of my contract with you for another month. I’m gonna pay off my debts, my gigantic, concerning debt of P4,585 that I have irresponsibly forgotten to pay. I am sorry. I am so, so sorry.

Since according to your agents, these threats are coming straight from the MAIN office, my shame is certainly heightened. But I’m just curious though, did they raise the alarm over at the Multi-million peso Globe Tower? Is there a giant picture of my face all over their offices? Certainly the MAIN OFFICE has me on some sort of MOST WANTED list, because it seems like only the worst of the worst would be hounded by such overachieving billing agents. I am almost proud of my notoriety. But of course, I am more ashamed of how I have wronged you, Globe. I am so, so sorry.

But still, thank you for the memories. Thank you for the fake unlimited data plan. Thank you for the dropped calls, the iMessages that are a day late, and for the exorbitant roaming bill for a country that I wasn’t even in at the time of billing. Thank you that there is absolutely no signal in my house in BF, meaning I have to run outside every time I get a call, no matter if I’m still sleeping in my room or in the middle of a shower. Thanks for the memories. Because these memories will surely be keeping me away forever.

I am so excited to close down my account as soon as my two year lockout is done this august. And I will make it my life’s mission to make sure that I discourage people from from patronizing your product. You do not deserve their business

Goodbye, Globe. I hope, after today, I never even have to so much as think about you ever again. Don’t worry, babayaran ko muna, syempre, yung utang ko sa inyo bago ako umalis. Kawawa naman kasi Kayo eh. Baka namumulubi na kasi Kayo.



Hi Smart. I’m coming home. Can you ever forgive me?

EDIT July 31 2:57 PM

As of today, I have been called twice, texted once and emailed once. Even though I spoke with this same person yesterday and replied to the text that I got earlier today. Gumuguho na yata yung Globe! Naku naku naku.

EDIT July 31 4:09 PM

I call the landline number that has called me at least 5 times regarding this matter, and what answer do I get? “Ay ma’am Smart department po ito.” Hanggang sa pag hanap sa harasser ko, mahahassle ako?? Hahahaha.

EDIT August 3, 2014

This is, by far, my favorite comment:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 7.47.22 PM


Thank you, Philson Legaspi, for making my day.

EDIT August 4, 2014

I would just like to share that, after EVERYTHING that this agency put me through, no one even ever acknowledged receipt of my payment. Ever. Nothing. Radio silence. Round of applause, please!




100 replies to “An Open Goodbye Letter To Globe Telecom

  1. TBH, Globe is soo not worth it especially when I roam the provinces for work. AS IN walang signal. And honestly their signal really sucks …. mas malakas pa ang signal ng sun, partida lang! can’t wait to also end my 2-year retention majig shiz with them.. If SMART can allow me to still use a similar number to my globe number of 5 years, i’m seriously switching over.

    1. Yes the only thing is I’m not looking forward to having to get rid of this number that I’ve had for almost five years! But yes, I’ll go through it cause Globe is totally not worth it.

      1. i think you can retain your last 7 digits when you switch. so instead of 0917 xxx-xxxx it will be 0918-xxx-xxxx. i think they can do that for switchers :) ask na lang para sure :)

      2. Actually, you can request your entire 7 digit number, so long as it’s available. Did that just last week! :)

    2. Samin mahina yung Smart. :( Siguro iba-iba lang talaga. Malakas ang Globe sa ibang parte ng Pilipinas, tas sa iba malakas ang Smart (hello Sun na pasulpot-sulpot lang ang signal). Pero kung tutuusin parehas lang yung service. Medyo mabagal at hindi gaanong satisfying. Kaya kelangan ng improvement ng lahat ng networks.

    1. HAMPASLUPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Uhh watch out for SMART though, I’ve had ok service from 2005-2012, then since last year up until now it’s been hell… truly awful oh my god why are they doing this to me kind of misery.

    (I also have a Globe line that I only use for calls and sms which makes me have very low expectations that are strangely still only barely met).

    1. Oh really? Well that sucks, I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing that :( as for Smart’s service, I don’t need them to be perfect, and I’m sure they’re not going to be. But I do know that I don’t know anyone else that is their subscriber and would willingly go back to Globe!

      1. You don’t know me but I’m one Globe to Smart to Globe subscriber. If Globe was bad, Smart was a joke. I’m back with Globe and felt better about their mediocre service after my Smart experience. I still have Smart pocket wifi as backup to my Globe one and i can’t wait for my Smart pocket wifi contract to finish. But then again, that’s just my experience.

  3. Like everything else our local networks have advantages and disadvantages. I have been using all three (Globe, Smart, Sun) and frankly, they all suck ;)

    The grass is not always greener on the other side.

    1. I agree with you. Compared to other more advanced countries, I’m sure all of our telecommunication companies will fall short. I’m sure Smart is not perfect either, but when compared to Globe, they’re rockstars. I don’t know if that says more about how awesome Smart is, or how bad Globe is. But either way, I’m so done patronizing Globe.

  4. I experience the same thing with you, Nikki. I have unpaid bill of 2,685 for my tattoo broadband, also a service I never even enjoyed. I reside in Makati area, yet my internet connection is the slowest of all slow, seriously! It take about 5 mins to open a browser. Then they never send me a paper less bill or even the ones they deliver at your doorstep. The worst? Every time I pay my bill, they would have me disconnected (no warning at all) for the sake of letting me pay a re-connection fee.

    1. Unfortunately, these stories are far too common for us Globe subscribers. I think that’s the reason that there’s such collective anger. No network, or company for that matter, is perfect. But if it’s majority of the subscribers who are experiencing the same problems, then mag-sara nalang sila. Hahaha

    2. Taking 5 minutes to open a browser is not a Telco issue. It’s your slow computer. I have both Globe and Smart sim cards. I could say they’re both ok. Data speed and call quality all depends on your location. I have Smart 4G lte outside my house but the moment I step inside it becomes 3G and even if it says 3G I can’t load a single website nor send an I Message, viber or whatsapp. So it appears in getting a joke 3G signal from Smart. Globe is pretty stable inside the house. In the workplace it’s the opposite naman. Even wireless carriers in the US have dead spots in urban areas. All I can say is don’t expect too much with wireless carriers. Wireless is always not reliable. Wired services is a different story. I have higher expectations with wired services.

  5. Personally, I’ve had both and the only thing worse than globe’s customer service is Smart and its parent company pldt. If i can avoid it, i wouldn’t deal with them at all as i always experience griwf when talking to them.

  6. Hi, I am not trying to disagree nor agree with you but I am speaking about my own experience. Well, actually it is your prerogative if you want to switch. It’s not always that way with all globe subscribers or they would have zero subcribers. Bad signal I believe depends on the area. I know a lot or actually most of the people I know are globe not smart and ate woth globe for years. I’ve been with globe since 1998, same number so thats 16 years now? I’ve had bad times with globe esp their mobile data included but I would not have stayed with them this long if overall I was not satisfied. Did not really experience anything really bad with them so far except for the disappointment with their 4g lte of 3gig per month but other than that Im pretty happy. And even my relatives or some friends that I know are also happy. So again as I said the problem with signal is not for everyone so you can’t generalize it because not all is unhappy with it. I admit some areas suck but where i am usually at, no bad problems encountered and take note i use this number of 16 years for my biz too and even if their 4g 3 gig policy sucks I have to admit that it saved me a couple of times.

    1. Globe has been able to give me sufficient service at the most for the past four years, which is why I’ve stayed with them. At that point, the hassle of switching was not worth it because I was getting about 70% use of what I need from my line anyway. But it was really how this situation was handled which convinced me to switch. If someone from Smart has experienced the same thing, then I have definitely not heard about it.

      1. I am currently subscribed to both Smart (3 years) and Globe (5 years). The customer service for both are really bad. I have complained dozens of times about the crappy service that I’m getting to no avail. For me though, data service of Smart is slightly faster. Take note ha, slight lang. What i hate abouy Smart is that if you miss your payment even for only a day, they won’t stop calling and texting to remind you and get you to promise to pay on a specific date, or you’ll have your line redirected. Minsan one week lang ako nadedelay pero feeling ko para na akong estafadora dahil sa frequency ng tawag at text nila. For Globe naman, being late sa pagbayad ng bill would get you redirected lang, not much of pangungulit from Globe. However, if sobrang delinquent na ng balance mo and napasa na sa collection agency, expect a lot of threats like a court summon, they’ll go to your residential building/work to let building admin/HR know that you have an unpaid balance. They’re just threats, but it’ll make you feel like an international criminal.
        So anyway, both telcos are crappy in service and customer service. Ang problema kasi, wala tayong ibang choice. Alam kasi nila na no matter how much we complain, kailangan natin ng mobile services. The only thing na magagawa natin is to switch from a crappy telco to another equally crappy telco.

    1. we have bad signal for smarT in my area…which proves my point again. That not everyone will be happy with Smart….and if i go with smart, due to bad signal…my business might “die more” instead of “LIVE MORE”. If Kookie has bad signal with globe then on the otherhand I have bad signal with smart. Its really a consumers choice what is.more convenient for them. It so happe a that globe is for me.

      1. depende lang din siguro sa area. ako okay lang naman yung Globe ko…may mga area lang na di ok, same with Smart.

  7. I actually had a bill problem with Globe also, but what I like about them is that yes it may take some time to fix (mine was 2 months), but they’ll surely fix it if they have done wrong. On the other hand, for Smart, not only did I experience bad signal in Alabang Hills, but also my bill problem never got fixed. I went to their store twice, and called so many times, but it never got fixed! I believe I made the right choice to move to Globe since most of my contacts now are Globe anyway. No telco is perfect any way.

    1. I’m so sorry you had to experience something like that! But as I have said before, I don’t expect Smart to be perfect naman talaga. If we expect perfection, no telco will be good enough. But in this case, the grief that Globe has caused me cumulatively (this is, of course, not the only time I’ve had a huge problem with them) is just not worth sticking around for anyone. Hence the switch.

  8. I have been contesting bills since bill # 1. I sent their bill #16 back a few days ago and said terminate the line, waive the pre-term then I will pay the final bill I have reconciled. imagine contesting 2/3 of the contract term. There is really something wrong with how they bill. I could imagine a lot of people getting shocked by enormous amounts of bills they don’t understand. Good thing I know my numbers well.

    1. That sounds so irritating! There were also a lot of unexplained additional things on my billing as well, which almost always were not explained. This is another reason I’m leaving.

  9. Hay naku. Grabe nga yang globe. Nagkaron dn me ng utang s kanila umabot ng 10k reason wlang bill n dumadating skin. After q nalaman na ganun binayaran q agad lahat though nagtaka ako kc nag avail ako ng unli ung call and txt. Di q na rin pinaterminate dahil 1 mo. N lng nmn end contract na. Plan q pa sana magcontinue pra sa loyalty prog. Den pinagpasapasahan ako ng branch and call center nila s badtrip q. Nag end contract n lang me tas settle q n lahat ng bills. Sbi nila mam wait nyo n lang po ung letter of termination. Cut n ung line at dat moment tas wala dumating na letter til now instead ung bills since 2012 ung dumating. At aba august 2013 pa me end contract 2014 na ngayon my tumatawag pa from globe my utang daw ako nakakainis ang service nila. So e2 smart na ako ngyon atleast ok nmn xa khit papano

      1. ewan, parang kahit lumipat ka, ganon pa rin naman yung serbisyong makukuha mo. ganon na lang talaga siguro. kasi kahit naman smart nang-haharass kapag hindi nagbayad ng bill. edi mas mabuti na lang na bayaran mo yung responsibilidad mo. pare-pareho lang naman yung experience. ive already tried both networks.

    1. Hoy teh isa kapang shunga talaga! At aantayin mo pa talaga na umabot 10k bill mo nang hindi nababayaran dahil ano? -reason wlang bill n dumadating skin..- TANGA KA???!!! sasabihin mo pang grabe sila? Grabe ka teh! Saang bundok ka ba nakatira at di ka makapunta sa globe store para humingi ng kopya ng bill mo?! No wonder di ka nakaloyalty sa kanila at pinagpasapasahan ka kasi HIGH RISK CUSTOMER kana tey! Gusto mo pa magloyalty?? Shupal ng fes!!

    2. Shungena naman shempre puputulan ka na kapag may utang ka. Ano ba bakit ba feeling entitled lahat ng tao? Hahahahaha. Pustahan naman kapag nagkautang ka din ng mejo malaki sa Smart, haharasin ka din nila na walang pakundangan.

    3. Well, I think its just common sense na if walang dumadating na bill, you can actually pay muna kung magkano yung monthly plan mo. It’ll help na di magpatong patong ang kailangan mong bayaran. If they have failed to send you a bill, or bills, don’t retaliate by not paying, ikaw din talaga ang mababaon sa utang if you do that.

    1. At isa ka pa tonta ka! Iaasa mo pa sa kanila na putulan ka ng linya kapag sumobra ka sa bill mo?! Hampaslupa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I’d be switching to Smart postpaid too as soon as my lock out ends December!!! Haaay Globe’s service sucks tlga. Their signal is only good in limited places like eastwood.. bgc.. makati…

    1. And even in Makati CBD there are a lot of areas where the 3G is only Edge. Hindi ko maintindihan yun, kasi Makati is such a critical city. You’d think it’d be one of the places with the best mobile internet signal. Same with BGC.

  11. Latest encounter with Globe is just plain weird. They cut my line because of a pre-set spending limit which is different from the approved credit limit. According to the CSR i spoke with, a Plan 999 has a 1000 spending cap that even if your credit limit is more than that, your line will be disconnected for spending additional P2.00 worth of service… This made me wonder that if this policy truly exist, then what is the add-on value of having a postpaid account compared to their prepaid counterparts. Anyway, this encounter further reinforced my decision to move to another service provider.

    1. I agree! Kung ganun lang din, might as well go prepaid. On the other hand, some people have experiences where their balance is P20k++ pero di pa nacucut yung line. So, hindi talaga consistent.

  12. Ay grabe! What happened to me is that i never get their bills! Umabot na ng 20+k ang bill ko then they never cut my line…. Then may tumawag na and threating pa for legal actions. So now i’m paying my bill “hulugan” and i still don’t receive billing statements…. And i refuse to pay my bill without billing statement kasi i like to review what i’ve been paying! Then now when i not pay even 2 or 3 days after my cut off date… Globe will personally call and tell me to pay my account…. In 1 day 3 calls… And paulit ulit lang ang sasabihin na walang bill na dumadating so you better send me your billing statements….. Then paulit ulit ako tumatawag sa call center nila to request billing statements pero wala padin dumadating. Sobrang nakakastress sila! And more than 8 years na ata ako sa globe…. Walang nangyayare…. Except ang pagbago nila ng offices and pagpanget ng service.

    1. Ano teh?? Shunga shunga lang?? 8 years ka na pala sa globe? So 8 years mo na din inaantay na sila pa magdeliver ng bill mo? Shunga ka nga tey! gagawin mo pang dahilan un para wag bayaran ang dapat mong bayaran?! Eh kung magpunta ka kaya sa store nila at magrequest ng bill??! Hindi ka naman siguro sa bundok nakatira para walang globe store sa inyo na mapuntahan??!

    2. At isa papala tonta ka! Iaasa mo pa sa kanila na putulan ka ng linya kapag sumobra ka sa bill mo?! Hampaslupa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hi becky. Diba un naman ang nasa agreement? Tonta ka din? Kaya ka nga nag plan kasi ayaw mo ng hasstle nag paload tapos papapunta puntahin ka sa office nila. Saka bakit pa sila naglagay ng limit kung papayagan nila magover mga subscribers?

    3. Tonta ka! Kundi kaba naman isa’t kalahating bobita! Kabisado mo naman pala ang AGREEMENT dhay nagoover kapa????!!! Tarantada!!! Ayaw mo ng ‘hasstle’ bobing ka?! Baka ayaw mo ng hassle gusto mo sabihin?! Pero nadedelay ka ng pagbabayad ng mga 2 or 3 days???? Boba ka na nga, hampaslupa ka pa!!!! Wag ka na lang magpostpaid teh! Kung wala ka pambayad pwes magprepaid ka! Ambisyosang feelingera! Wa naman kwarta! Palaka!

      1. Hoy! Magbasa basa ka. D ako kaaway mo at hindi ako nadedelay sa binabayaran ko! At sorry ah d kami kasing yaman mo eh. Sorry naman madam ikaw na ang mayaman.

      2. Wala akong paki kung same or ibang tao ka! Malay ko ba kung pinalitan mo lang username mo? Tutulad mo pa ko sau bobing!!!!!

  13. Good Luck sa paglipat sa smart..

    This is good. Well documented.

    I hope you don’t create a blog about smart sometime soon..

    1. nako si tehgirl mahihiya yan magpost tungkol sa smart kasi baka masabihan ng “i told you so!” hahaha sana magbayad ka ng tama sa lilipatan mo. kasi ganun din aabutan mo dun.

  14. As a fellow consumer i can definitely relate with your frustrations.. but as a debt collections agent, kapal ng mukha mo tey!!! Kelangan mo pang paabutin sa punto na kukulitin ka para lang magbayad! How typical of you debtors.. me pa-english english ka pa. Tey! Kung sosyal ka tlga you should never go behind your due dates!!! Nakakairita! Super emphasize kapa na kesyo sobra sila makaharass sau para sa halagang 4.5k pesos?!! Edi kung naliliitan ka pala dun eh bat di mo nalang bayaran kesa dumakdak ka pa ng dumakdak dyan?!!
    Ako din actually ay globe postpaid user.. at believe me dhay halos more than an hour ako nkikipagaway sa telepono para sa lintik na issues nila pero tey never ko pinabayaan ang bill ko.. kasi madali lang naman magswitch ng network kung gugustuhin talaga!

    1. Tsaka kahit magswitch ka ng network, e kung ikaw yung tipo ng taong pinapabayaan yung bill mo, waley din. harass din abot mo teh.

  15. Dear Ms. Isaac,

    In behalf of all the Globe Telecom owners and executives, we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences we have caused you that greatly burdened you and your relationship with your loved ones, most especially if you have a crush that you cannot reply to right away. I’ve been there. We are aware of our company’s incompetence and poor service. We’ve been working on this for the past years. I took immediate action and personally searched open letters like this, complains and comments online for I want to reply to frustrated customers like you. This is an embarrassment for us because every customer matters, especially that you mentioned that you switched from our greatest rival SMART. You are always welcome to come back to us. If I had known this earlier, I would have waved your P4,500 debt from my own wallet, because in Globe, everything is possible.

    Truly Yours,
    (Electronic Signature)
    Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
    Chairman, GLOBE

  16. For me, it’s a love and hate relationship with Globe. Smart’s offerings really doesn’t suit my preferences and 97% of contacts are on Globe, so yeah, for better or worse, I’m stuck with them. I’m glad though that you’ve set yourself free.

    1. Oh god put a sock in it. Anyone who read past the 3rd sentence will know it’s just to lighten the mood. No one over the age of 12 would be petty enough to actually sue someone over a made up letter in the comments section of a blog on the internet.

  17. My suggestion, which I will do, after my lock up, get a prepaid, which I did on Smart, they have cheaper and better deals, which we of course do not hear of. The only down side, is loading monthly, and we don’t get to have a new gadget. Check their websites and promos, it says, until xxxx31,xxx, but actually, you can still enjoy it, just remember how to load it, it will stick.

  18. if you had bad experiences with Globe for 4 years, bakit nakatiis ka? Signal is depends on the area. Smart didnt’t work for me, i tried Smart but everytime i will send a message, i need to go out of our house so i choose Globe. Dpat from the start pa lang, if you are not happy, di ka nakatagal ng ganyan. For the i message? Delayed for one day? Kc ako lam ko kung la signal yung sesendan ko so mag green yung SEND ska magfailed yun eh, so i will send it as text message. Correct me if i’m wrong with pero ganun kc experience ko. But for the agent na tumawag sa yo, i think that’s third party of Globe, me mali nga sila dun.

    1. First two years ko as postpaid, okay naman. Then I bought a phone, may lockout na two years. Eh di wala akong choice kung hindi mag intay. I mentioned this in the post. :)

      As for the imessages being a day late, ewan ko. Yun na nga problema eh. It won’t send as a text message because supposedly it got delivered as an iMessage already. But it still comes in late.

  19. The one harassing you is their collection agency. I’ve gone through that the whole year of 2013.

    Now, please tell Mr. Ayala, since you have his email or share it with me, to have their collection folks and Globe’s Billing/Sales/Account’s folks get their act together. :)

    Also, their Call Center people is one of the worst when it comes to customer service. I think they’ve changed centers. I haven’t observed that much annoyance when I call them just recently.

    The people at Globe’s SM Aura Business is center is one of their business center’s I admire.

    PS: Smart is better off by around 2 points in my book. But sadly, Philippine business do not really focus on Customer service. We need to teach them a lesson.

    1. PPS: I didn’t incur any debt. I returned a phone due to bad customer service and I told them I will not be paying them anything. Took a year to re-adjust payment on their side.

  20. It’s actually the Telcos duty to remind you of your debts, and it’s your responsibility to pay it on time. If you ask, they’ll tell you naman the consequences of not paying on time bago ka pumirma at kumuha ng plan from them eh. Most of the time, hindi sila nagreremind na due date na ng bill mo, kasi you should’ve memorized that by heart, kung ano yung date. Again, that is your responsibility.

    I have had an experience wherein the amount that i needed to pay reached 14,537 but i did not get angry with them just ‘coz they were bothering me everyday. I have had the same experience with smart wherein ang bill ko naman ay umabot ng 23,000 just because of some mistakes sa system nila. I was then a good payer, pero bigla na lang naging ganun. It took them 4 months to fix the problem and fix my account, in return, I only got a few percent of rebate for the inconvinience they have caused.

    Another thing, kung di mo na pala nagagmit yung line for months, you should have requested to disconnect the line. You’ll still have to pay for the plan ng phone mo, but the thing is, hindi lolobo yung bill mo.

    Lastly, the signal really depends on your location. Sometimes, tall infrastructures around you may affect the signal. Dapat tinry mo muna lahat ng service provider bago ka nagdecide na magplan. Mura lang naman ang sim eh. That could’ve saved you from what you have experienced sa globe.

    The thing is, kahit pa anong telco gamitin mo, you’ll encounter same problems, we are in the PH, so don’t expect so much from the telcos and the wireless plans etc.
    God bless and good luck sa ipinaglalaban mo.

  21. Dude, that’s normal for collection agencies. I got the same treatment when I didn’t pay for my credit card bill. Gone through worse. They actually said they will publish it on the paper. next time, when you avail of something, you gotta pay for it. My friend experienced the same thing from Smart when he didn’t pay because he didn’t have the Smart LTE signal that they promised.

  22. wala kau sa labas nang bansa na kung saan, almost perfect ang telco… as for the unpaid bill, it’s good that you paid it coz it’s really ur responsibility… d mo kailangang magwala.. nagkamali ka. collection agency cguro ang nangungulit sayo and their just doing their job. hindi nman mangungulit yan kung binayaran mo kaagad. biruin mo since last year pa balance mo? wala yan sa gaano ka laki or ka liit ang balance na di binayaran. kung may prob ka sa service, mag complain ka.. im sure they have a rebate process. you applied for the plan and FYI, bill will continue to generate as long as account is active and collection reminders will continue to be sent as long as may overdue balance. Sa tingin ko, pride or ego mo ang tinamaan nila kaya ka nagsulat nito. hayy naku pinoy talaga..

  23. It’s well within your right to switch networks kasi at the end of the day, ikaw naman ang magbabayad. Pero for one, just make sure you pay on time. Ako, i have been a Globe postpaid subscriber for 9 years and Smart postpaid for 3. The only reason i keep my Smart line is because it’s company requirement and i get communication allowance. I’m sure it will be different for each if us but my Globe experience, while seldom stellar and oftentimes mediocre has been okay, bearable and at times, great. If i were to compare it with my experience with Smart, it’s a different story. From the time i was applying for a postpaid service, i saw na general and overall difference between their customer service and Globe’s. It was a very painful experience that i almost did not push through with it. But i still did anyways and like i said, I’m only staying with them because of my company’s requirement. Not only are their plans not as flexible as Globe’s, their customer service is mostly mediocre bordering poor. I hope you get a better experience with them.

  24. At ano pa bang ACKNOWLEDGE ang gusto mong gawin nila sayo?! – “salamat po ha at sa wakas binayaran niyo na rin ang utang niyo!” Kakairita talga! Che!!

    1. Onga bakit ba feeling entitled ito? Tapos magpopost pa ng reklamo. I mean onga umamin ka nga na hindi ka nagbayad tapos kakabigin mo bigla sasabihin mo na kasalanan nila na nagkautang ka kasi ayaw mong bayaran yung service nilang hindi satisfying para sayo. Sa restaurant kahit hindi ka natuwa sa ulam, basta kinain mo babayaran mo. Ganun yun. Binayaran mo na lang sana kesa nag-eskandalo ka pa kasi alam naman ng lahat ng tao na di ganon kabilis yung koneksyon nila eh. Lilipat ka pa sa Smart eh ganon rin naman sila. Droppedcalls at mabagal na koneksyon din naman makukuha mo. Kukulitin ka parin naman kapag di ka nagbayad. Ewan ko ba.

  25. No offense meant but don’t you think this is a little too much papansin? Pa-proproblemahin mo pa yung Globe eh ikaw na nga yung di nagbayad. I know you mean well na gusto mo lang i-call to their attention yung quality ng service nila. Pero kasi alam naman na ng lahat yun, pati mga nakaPLDT tsaka Smart ganon yung nagaganap. Nauso lang kasi tong mga “open letter” eh. These “open letters” often come off as too demanding, at least para sakin.

    1. She just wants the world to know that she is leaving Globe and attempts to appear na siya yung victim by writing this open letter.

  26. Napangitan ka man sa service, nagsubscribe ka, so dapat bayaran mo. Buti nga yung mga collection agents nila ginagawa responsibilidad nila, ikaw hinde.

  27. ano ka?? ganon rin kaya sa smart. ako nga mga 2k lang utang ko hinarass ako. bayaran mo nalang kesa lumipat ka. kung lilipat ka tapos takas sa utang parin ugali mo edi wala ganon din aabutin mo.

  28. teh, 4.5 lang yung utang mo. hwag high-blood, kasi baka mas malaki pa sa 4.5 ang gastusin mo pag inatake ka ng altapresyon at ma-ospital ka flurd! cmon, nag-apply ka ng linya… napagbigyan ka… disgruntled ka… di ka nagbayad… nagkautang ka… naputulan ka… siningil ka…. then, nabayaran mo na… so wtf is your point?! taga bf ka pa naman tsk tsk tsk.

  29. True-laloo Flurdeyyy…. What’s your point?! Pey the best way to relay unsatisfaction is by leaving or switching to the competish. So why all the ranting? You paid nanaman di ba, and definitely ikaw ang may moral and legal obligations to pay your debt. Asus Pey, akala ko naman kung ilang tens or hundreds of thousands ang utang mo na bill, P4,500.00 lang?!! Bwahahaha! Effort mo talaga ha? Paid ba itich by the competish? Plang!

  30. I think you’re overreacting. Same thing happened to me, but sa Sun naman, so I think you’re being unfair to Globe. What I did was just pay my debt, and done!

  31. OA. Wag ka nang lumipat. Mga harasero’t harasera din yung mga tagaSmart. WALA! WALANG BETTER NETWORK! Pare-pareho lang basta NAGBABAYAD KA!

    1. Wala girl nilapastangan na niya yung Globe di na siya makakabalik. Haha! Kapag lumipat yan sa Smart tas di masaya sa service (tapos makukulitan na naman dahil of course mukhang di responsible bill payer ito) hala sige baka magblog ulit! Haynakooooo

  32. Okay, you admitted you didn’t pay, that’s good. All networks here are faulty anyway. No need to broadcast to the world that you will transfer to a new network because you were “harassed” when you didn’t pay your dues.

  33. To be honest, this blog post goes for both Smart and Globe. As you’ve said, Smart’s not perfect, too. If you’re a current Smart user and experienced this, bet this blog post shouts your excitement to transfer to Globe. There’s no need to get their attention when your intention is to leave anyway.

  34. May sapak sa utak si ate, lahat ng consumer nararanasan yan. Ke globe, smart, sun, pldt, sky, credit card, etc.! Di ka nagbayad, sa sarili mo alam mong puputulan ka. Alanganaman bigyan ka ng ilaw ni meralco kahit lobo ma bill mo? Bibigyan ka ba ng tubig ni Maynilad kung di ka nagbabayad? Im sure hindi, papadlockan nila tubo mo.. Common sense lang yan eh, tsaka sasagutin ka nmn ng mga call center nila. Hindi ako naniniwala na hindi nila inexplain sayo na baka exceeding kana sa spending limit at credit limit mo at nag-on top na sa MRF mo, tapos di ka pa nagbayad ng mga charges, makikita naman record mo dun. Baka kung ano-ano kasi pinaggawa mo sa linya mo, dami mong option may globe store sila, pde ka magcomplain as early. Irereverse naman nila yun kung system error pag napatunayan nila na sila may alam. And also, nagbibigay sila ng option na promise to pay. Basta magbabayad ka lang, icconnect ka nila ulit for 7 days, without pay! Yung nainingil sayo, third party na yan. Kasalanan ba nila kung bakit ka nila sinisingil? Wag ganun teh. Dami mong dahilan.

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